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Welcome! We are so excited to bring our unique vision to the child care community! As parents, we understand the importance of having trusting, quality care and strive to provide that to our families. Our mission is to help parents introduce God’s love to the children we serve and incorporate Christian values and community service into our learning curriculum. Our Christian values are extremely important to us and they drive all that we do.

What we provide to our students and families

A Purpose-Built Facility

Our 12,300 square feet state-of-the-art facility is purpose-built, with input from over 30 childcare professionals. Our indoor gym and outdoor playgrounds provide ample space for gross motor activities. Each classroom is equipped with its own bathroom, as well as an exit door for easy access to our playgrounds.

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A Safe and Secure Environment

Our facility is equipped with a live-feed security camera monitoring system (not accessible to families) and locked doors throughout with controlled access. Our front desk administration is also staffed to be available to ensure supervision with each authorized entry. We practice routine drills for fire, weather, and threat safety. We proudly maintain certified teachers in Infant/Child and Adult CPR and First Aid.

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We adhere to DHEC safety regulations to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Sanitation of toys and surfaces is of utmost importance. We teach children hand-washing procedures and how to reduce germs. Our facility employs a nightly cleaning service as well.

Excellent Communication With Our Families

We use a childcare software system called Brightwheel that allows us to manage and communicate effectively with families through an app integrated with all of the essentials. Through the app, our teachers provide daily reports, photos, and activities regarding their student’s overall progress throughout the day. This system also allows for instant communication with staff, uploading of documents, and payment of tuition.

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A Christian Foundation

While our approach to learning is play-based and child-centered, our foundation is built from our faith in God and the Christian values that we promote in each and every one of our students. Our learning curriculum is carefully designed to pair our academic themes with the traits and teachings of our chosen Bible stories.



PLA does not discriminate against students or families based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. We embrace diversity!

At PLA, we believe children are…


Our lesson plans are filled with arts & crafts, however the art your child brings home may not always be “picture perfect” as we believe in the process more than the product.

Critical Thinkers

We challenge our students to think “outside the box”. We ask our students open ended questions to encourage them to think about the world around them


We read in every class, every day! We foster early literacy skills, through a curriculum called The Letter People, so that our students are well equipped for Kindergarten and beyond!


We provide activities to strengthen fine motor skills needed to develop pre-writing skills introduced through a curriculum called, Handwriting Without Tears.


We challenge our students to think “outside the box”. We ask our students open ended questions to encourage them to think about the world around them


We incorporate outdoor learning through nature walks and scavenger hunts, and inspire our students to experiment and explore with objects they find. We love to provide our students with opportunities to discover new things!

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