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Our Infant program is for children
ages 6 weeks – 12 months of age


Our Toddler program is for children
ages 12 – 30 months


Our Preschool program includes 2k – 4k (ages 2-4) and focuses on independent skills learned through play, as well as, Kindergarten readiness


$200 One-time Non-refundable Enrollment Fee





$200/month Sibling Discount

Our monthly lesson plans include activities that foster:

Literacy/Language Development

Sensory Experiences

Physical Development Music & Movement

Self Expression through Music & Movement

Creative Arts

Motor skill (fine/gross) Development

S.T.E.M. skills

Little kids playing toys at learning center


The PLA Toddler program is suited for our busy little learners to actively explore and enhance their constant curiosity! We promote small group learning, as well as, large group activities that give our students the opportunity for cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional growth.


The PLA Preschool program has been developed to provide a playful learning environment that builds confidence in each student as they reach their individual goals. With a foundation based on Christian principles, our mission is to ensure our little ones leave our center as “good humans,” while our students grow and develop into their unique selves!

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